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Senator Joe Donnelly Will Keep Pushing for KXL Approval
Senator John Tester says #buildKXLnow
Manchin: KXL is a “no-brainer”
2/3 of Colorado voters want to #buildKXLnow
Union workers say #buildKXLnow
Warner: All of the Above Approach
Keystone XL Will Reduce Overseas Imports by 43%
Enough to Heat 5.5 Million Homes

If crude oil delivered by the Keystone XL Pipeline is converted to diesel fuel or fuel oil at 10 gallons per barrel would yield 8.3 million gallons; enough to power 262,000 combination tractor-trailers per year at 5.9 miles per gallon. Using it to heat homes, this fuel would be enough, at an average of 550 gallons per household, to…

How many cars a day will Keystone XL fuel?

The Environmental Protection Agency indicates the typical passenger car uses an average 498 gallons of gasoline per year, while a light-duty truck will use 694 gallons. Apply a little math and this means the Keystone XL Pipeline could fuel approximately 11.6 passenger cars or 8.3 million light-duty trucks per day.

KXL = 42,000 Jobs