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KXL will help “fuel the economy”
Heidi Heitkamp says #timetobuild
KXL = 42,000 Jobs
Enough to Heat 5.5 Million Homes

If crude oil delivered by the Keystone XL Pipeline is converted to diesel fuel or fuel oil at 10 gallons per barrel would yield 8.3 million gallons; enough to power 262,000 combination tractor-trailers per year at 5.9 miles per gallon. Using it to heat homes, this fuel would be enough, at an average of 550 gallons per household, to…

2.6 million miles
Keystone XL Will Reduce Overseas Imports by 43%
Union workers say #buildKXLnow
Senator Joe Donnelly Will Keep Pushing for KXL Approval
Quit Dragging its Feet
KXL = 15 Million gallons of gasoline a day

The Keystone XL Pipeline will deliver 830,000 barrels of oil per day.  What does that mean for the everyday energy consumer?  If the 830,000 barrels of oil per day were refined into gasoline, the yield would be 15 million gallons of gasoline per day according to the Energy Information Administration.

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