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Read CEA’s Letters of Support for KXL Approval

In the coming weeks, Congress will vote on H.R. 5682 and S. 2280, measures to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. As part of its mission to encourage the development of American energy infrastructure and keep costs low for consumers, Consumer Energy Alliance submitted letters to leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives in support of these bills:

“By reducing overseas oil imports, the United States can mitigate the impacts that instability abroad can have for oil prices and, by effect, benefit millions of American energy consumers. Recent increases in U.S. and Canadian oil production have depressed global oil prices, and consumers and the U.S. economy now benefit from gasoline prices below $3.00. Keystone XL will play a vital role in maintaining these current gains in North American energy self-sufficiency and fuel affordability.”

Read CEA’s letters to House and Senate leaders encouraging the approval of the KXL.