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Undecided Voters in Key Senate Races Back Keystone XL

The Keystone XL class of 2014 could break Harry Reid’s filibuster of the Keystone XL Pipeline by boosting the number of KXL proponents from 55 to 60.

Build KXL made the following analysis based on predictions offered by political analyst Charlie Cook.  U.S. Senators opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline currently represent Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and West Virginia.  According to Cook’s predictions, voters in West Virginia, Colorado, and Michigan have fair chance of electing a pro-KXL Senator. Two other states, Iowa and New Hampshire, he currently ranks as “Lean Democrat.” If pro-Keystone XL candidates win Colorado, Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire and West Virginia, support for Keystone XL would increase from 55 votes to 60, the number needed to break a filibuster.


Lean Democrat Tossup Lean GOP
Iowa (Open) Alaska Montana
New Hampshire Colorado West Virginia (Open)
Georgia (Open)
Michigan (Open)
North Carolina
Source: Cook Political Report

Keystone XL Voters Are Willing to Change Candidates 

The previous sentence starts with the word ‘if’.  The voters will have the final say on who will represent them in the U.S. Senate. Polling conducted for Consumer Energy Alliance in the KXL swing states found overwhelming support for building Keystone XL along with a willingness for voters to reconsider their support for an incumbent Democrat if President Obama continues to delay or outright rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline.




The Keystone XL Pipeline has consistently had the support of the American people.  Pluralities of  undecided voters in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and New Hampshire (Consumer Energy Alliance has not polled voters in West Virginia) support building the Keystone XL Pipeline.





Polling finds voters will consider the success of Keystone XL when choosing their candidate. The candidates who can convince White House to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline before Election Day stand the most to gain among America’s voters.