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Is Keystone XL a Deciding Factor for Voters?


How important is the Keystone XL Pipeline to the ’14 U.S. Senate elections?

“Energy issues — including the Keystone XL pipeline — could sway the opinions of voters in four states hosting competitive Senate elections in November, according to new surveys commissioned by the industry-backed Consumer Energy Alliance.” – E&E News

“A plurality of his [Mark Udall] supporters want to see the Keystone XL pipeline built, a move Udall opposes, according to a new poll. – Daily Caller

“Mr. Obama “would be giving cover to several red-state Democrats if he approved it,” said Republican strategist …With that in mind, the oil and gas industry is mounting a full-court press urging the president to green-light the pipeline. A survey by Democratic polling firm Hickman Analytics released last week for the pro-industry Consumer Energy Alliance found that pipeline-backing voters would be less likely to support four at-risk Senate Democrats if Mr. Obama refuses to sign off on the project.” – Washington Times
“The polling in four key Senate states were conducted by Hickman Analytics, an extremely competent Democratic polling firm headed up by Harrison Hickman, who has been in the business for over 30 years. The surveys were conducted for the Consumer Energy Alliance, a group supporting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.” – Political Analyst Charlie Cook

“A new wave of polling from a Democratic firm released this week shows three Southern Democratic senators running for reelection in red states in close competition against Republicans, offering a glimpse at the how competitive the battle for the Senate is right now.” – The Fix, Washington

“If Obama rejects the pipeline, it might sink Democratic candidates in states with big energy industries, such as Louisiana and Alaska. That could cost Democrats control of the Senate — a risk that’s likely to weigh heavily on any decision the president makes, to approve the pipeline, reject it or wait till after November to announce a decision.”-  Bloomberg Newswire