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Why Some Communities Are Thankful for Pipelines This Year

Workers and counties in Texas and Oklahoma along the route of the Gulf Coast pipeline – the southern leg of the Keystone XL system – have more to be thankful for this holiday season due to $3.6 billion in new economic activity generated by the project. A report commissioned by Consumer Energy Alliance found that the economic activity resulting from the Gulf Coast project “enhanced labor income by almost $1.7 billion…supporting 27,000 person-years of employment.”

In some areas, personal income increased by more than 74 percent during pipeline construction. Millions of dollars in taxes from the Gulf Coast project means more revenue directed toward improvements to local schools, hospitals, and roads.  And these counties can expect to reap the benefits of the pipeline in the years to come because of maintenance and other costs associated with the project.

Gulf Coast Impact OK TX

Source: Gulf Coast Pipeline System: A Catalyst for American Jobs and Energy Security

However, after six years of delays, some communities are not any closer to achieving the enormous economic benefits that the completion of the pipeline would bring. The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline would extend the Gulf Coast line connecting a hub in Steele City, NE with the Canadian oil sands located in Alberta and with American oil developed in North Dakota and Montana.  TransCanada, the operator of the pipeline, estimates the final leg will require more than $5 billion in investment and 3,000 construction workers.

This revenue could mean all the difference to communities along the route. It’s time to move forward on the KXL and give families a boost in employment and income that they can really be thankful for at Thanksgiving.