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POLL: 62% of Democrats Support Building Keystone XL

POLL: 62% of Democrats Support Building Keystone XL

A Morning ConsultStory Partners poll released this week shows 62% of likely Democrat voters support building the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Who else is supporting Keystone XL?

  • 57% of 18 to 29 year old
  • 72% of independent voters
  • 54% of self identified Liberal voters
  • 70% of female voters
  • 62% of Democrats who voted in the 2012 Presidential election

Morning Consult Story Partners Energy Poll

Undecided Voters in Key Senate Races Back Keystone XL

The Keystone XL class of 2014 could break Harry Reid’s filibuster of the Keystone XL Pipeline by boosting the number of KXL proponents from 55 to 60. Build KXL made the following analysis based on predictions offered by political analyst Charlie Cook.  U.S. Senators opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline currently represent Colorado, Iowa, Michigan,Continue Reading

Keystone Pipeline Poll: Further Delays Hurt Senate Democrats

Polling conducted for Consumer Energy Alliance examines the role the Keystone XL Pipeline and energy issues could play in five key Senate races. Voters in Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and Montana feel the Obama administration is likely playing politics with the recent move to delay a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Many KXL supporters are pledgingContinue Reading

Is Keystone XL a Deciding Factor for Voters?

How important is the Keystone XL Pipeline to the ’14 U.S. Senate elections? “Energy issues — including the Keystone XL pipeline — could sway the opinions of voters in four states hosting competitive Senate elections in November, according to new surveys commissioned by the industry-backed Consumer Energy Alliance.” – E&E News … “A plurality ofContinue Reading

Pew Research: 61% Approve Building Keystone XL

Pew Charitable Trust released new polling, again, showing broad support for building the Keystone XL Pipeline. Pew Research:  Currently, 61% favor building the pipeline while 27% are opposed. These views have changed little over the past year. As previous surveys on the pipeline proposal have found, there is far more support for constructing the pipelineContinue Reading

Poll: 65% of America Supports Keystone XL

The Washington Post / ABC News poll released today found support for building the Keystone XL Pipeline is at 65%.  The news comes on March 7th, deadline day for submitting public comments to the U.S. State Department as they are gauging whether or not building the final leg is in the best interest of theContinue Reading

Poll: Key Senate Races in 2014 for Keystone XL

Energy policy is emerging as a key issue for voters likely to participate in the 2014 midterm elections.  Public opinion polling conducted in mid-February for Consumer Energy Alliance by Hickman Analytics, Inc. shows energy issues such as the Keystone XL Pipeline at the forefront of voters’ minds. More than three-quarters of likely voters polled inContinue Reading

Public Remains Supportive of Keystone XL

Public support for building the Keystone XL pipeline is consistent.  The Pew Research Center released the most recent polling on Sept. 26th. Pew Research: Most Americans (65%) continue to favor building the Keystone XL pipeline, perhaps the most politically contentious energy issue in Barack Obama’s second term. Yet when it comes to another issue makingContinue Reading

Consistent Public Support for Keystone XL Pipeline

Nationwide polls going back as far as March 2013 show a consistent level of support among the American public for building the Keystone XL pipeline. Sources: Fox News – Gallup – Pew Research –  Nanos Research – API          

Poll: Support for KXL Reaches 70%

Washington Post:  Support for Keystone XL pipeline project hits 70 percent: The White House has yet to embrace the proposed expansion of the Keystone XL pipeline, but the American public is on board. A new Fox News poll shows support for the project has reached a new high, with 70 percent supporting its construction and 23 percentContinue Reading