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Keystone XL in the News

Democrat Grimes backs Keystone XL pipeline in Kentucky Senate race Washington Times Her comments about the pipeline come days after the State Department … wanted to see what state courts in Nebraska would do with the pipeline.   Why Obama may still yet approve the Keystone XL pipeline Financial Post Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman approvedContinue Reading

Kicking the KXL Can Down the Road

Up in Boston most folks are still talking about the Boston Marathon which took place on Monday, but the Boston Herald did take some time editorialize the recent announcement from the U.S. State Department delaying the Keystone XL Pipeline permit application. Editorial: Kicking the Keystone can April 22, 2014 Any notion that the Obama administrationContinue Reading

Middle East Oil Imports Reduced by 40%

The U.S. reliance on overseas energy has long been a national security concern. Writing at, CEA’s Michael Whatley breaks down why it is so important for the United States to move ahead with building the Keystone XL Pipeline. Town If there were any doubt about the importance of pipelines to national security, itContinue Reading

Is Keystone XL a Deciding Factor for Voters?

How important is the Keystone XL Pipeline to the ’14 U.S. Senate elections? “Energy issues — including the Keystone XL pipeline — could sway the opinions of voters in four states hosting competitive Senate elections in November, according to new surveys commissioned by the industry-backed Consumer Energy Alliance.” – E&E News … “A plurality ofContinue Reading

Pew Research: 61% Approve Building Keystone XL

Pew Charitable Trust released new polling, again, showing broad support for building the Keystone XL Pipeline. Pew Research:  Currently, 61% favor building the pipeline while 27% are opposed. These views have changed little over the past year. As previous surveys on the pipeline proposal have found, there is far more support for constructing the pipelineContinue Reading

Poll: Key Senate Races in 2014 for Keystone XL

Energy policy is emerging as a key issue for voters likely to participate in the 2014 midterm elections.  Public opinion polling conducted in mid-February for Consumer Energy Alliance by Hickman Analytics, Inc. shows energy issues such as the Keystone XL Pipeline at the forefront of voters’ minds. More than three-quarters of likely voters polled inContinue Reading

Two Reasons to Back Keystone XL

Writing in the Tallahassee Democrat, CEA Florida’s Kevin Doyle outlines two reasons to get behind the Keystone XL Pipeline: First, the Keystone XL pipeline is exactly the infrastructure project the American people are looking for to create construction jobs and move the U.S. closer to energy security. Building the Keystone XL will bring 700,000 barrelsContinue Reading

Warren Buffett Back Keystone XL

Omaha, NE based investor Warren Buffett support the Keystone XL Pipeline.  In an interview with CNBC, the Berkshire Hathaway chairman & CEO said “I think probably that the Keystone pipeline is good for the country.” CNBC: The Keystone oil pipeline is good idea for the United States, Warren Buffett said Monday, even though it would takeContinue Reading

Former Obama Admin Official Puts Her Keystone XL Support on the Map

The list of former Obama administration officials who support Keystone XL Pipeline construction is growing.  Add Marcia McNutt who once ran the U.S. Geological Survey for President Obama.  Previously, Tom Donilon, former National Security advisor and former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar from Colorado have all stated support for Keystone XL. U.S. Chamber of Commerce:  Another formerContinue Reading

Democrats Back Keystone XL

Democrats Back Keystone XL

The route of the Keystone XL Pipeline will run 1,700 miles from Alberta across the U.S-Canadian border into Montana and then on to Nebraska where it will connect with the already operating section of the Keystone system. The project has a broad coalition of support including from several Democrats in in the U.S. Senate. ClickContinue Reading