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1,000 Construction Jobs Right Off The Bat

Keystone XL is a construction project. Just like building a road or a bridge, the pipeline will create construction jobs.  Skilled laborers, engineers and tradesmen will be needed to get the job done. An estimated 9,000 construction workers will be needed over the two years of construction. Terry Moore, the president of the Omaha Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO notes 1,000 workers will be needed right of the bat.

Columbus Telegram: 

Supporters say the pipeline will bring with it new jobs, additional property tax dollars and crude oil from a friendly trading partner. Labor unions have been strong supporters of the project.

“This is literally going to put together, immediately, 1,000 workers. Union workers, by the way, getting paid top dollar working seven days a week, 12 hours a day. It’s going to be a tremendous economic boom for the building and construction trades working on that project,” said Terry Moore, president of the Omaha Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.